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2018 Top Online Schools for Fine Arts

Top 4 Online Art Schools

❶If this is your situation, there are online graduate programs that can help with this process.

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We reveal the 10 most exciting online art schools available today, for all types of artists.
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Learning on a Campus. Your passion, your way. Hear our Program Director, Jen, talk about our Online curriculum. Upcoming Events View All Events. Interior Design Professional Organizations for Interior Design Students at The Art Institute Online Joining a professional organization is the first step for an interior design student to gain exposure to the profession, keep current with latest design trends, help with networking and find local career opportunities.

Julian works behind the scenes, editing photographs from other staff photographers. That itself brings an impact to a certain audience by [providing] breaking news, focusing on local heroes and communities, and reporting any hate crimes.

Julian admits to experiencing creative blocks in his career. My photography was losing quality because I was only doing my jobs for the money—and it showed. Over time, I reevaluated my passion and began to rebuild my portfolio.

Full Sail started in as an audio recording workshop but found that its style of project-based education was applicable to many different areas, including filmmaking and art.

It provides innovative education that enhances artistic thought while preparing students for real-world careers. It combines creativity, business principles, and technical skills to create leaders in a wide variety of industries. Online learning is one of the most important facets of Full Sail University.

This degree can be applied to numerous fields, including television, video games, and film. There are also some online schools that are quickly climbing the ladder and becoming contenders as one of the top art schools the country.

If you are considering an online art school, you definitely should look into the four leaders that we discussed above, but you owe it to yourself to also check out these up-and-comers offering unique and innovative art degrees. They have created a program that gives artists the chance to expand their knowledge and become more effective creators of impactful designs.

This is a convenient way to begin your art education and launch your career. Sophia Learning - Introduction to Art History. In fact, Sophia Learning has courses that are accepted by partner institutions and over 2, additional art schools, colleges, and universities, including many of the top online art schools.

This class covers prehistoric to modern times, giving students a well-rounded foundation for their education. There are many private organizations that offer paid courses that you can enroll in to receive a quality art education. These are not accredited colleges or universities, but private academies that offer quality training. They do not offer recognized degrees, but many will provide certifications upon completion. With the SmART School, you can get a fully-interactive education in art and design techniques that is driven by highly-respected professionals in many different fields and art genres.

This online art school offers full mentorship classes that are excellent for building the careers or even the hobbies of both traditional and modern, technology-driven artists. There are numerous guest professionals featured in this program, allowing students to learn from a wide variety of artistic professionals.

This is the online version of classes taught by Glenn Vilppu, one of the top artist instructors in the world. The lessons consist of video lectures, demonstrations, and critiques, making you a better artist one step at a time.

Whether you want to learn the essentials of drawing or want to learn how to draw specific items, such as heads or bodies, the Vilppu Academy is a great choice. This online art education features streaming videos that are available each week.

Students have one week to complete an assignment, similar to an in-person class. Vilppu Academy offers seven courses with subjects ranging from drawing essentials through figure drawing, anatomy, sketching and composition. Learn Squared was founded by veterans of the entertainment industry, and the site aims to innovate in the education space with its unique approach: Students receive the same tutorials and guidance that you would expect on a traditional course, with the added perk of watching another artist put the knowledge into practice.

As Learn Squared co-founder Andrew Hawryluk explains, "The core concept we hope to get across to our students and the artistic community at large is that everybody has to start somewhere. Each course contains eight weeks of video tutorials across a range of subjects including environment painting, 3D concept design and title designs for film.

Modern art techniques are at the forefront of most of the courses, with a heavy focus on creating an effective pipeline for working in the entertainment industries. Pricing falls into three categories for all courses: Certainly one of the best-known art schools, Gnomon was founded in by 3D artist Alex Alvarez. They cover a wide variety of subjects from 3D character concept design to compositing, modelling and sculpting both traditionally and in 3D, and pretty much any other avenue of training for the entertainment industry.

CGSociety is a social art hub featuring industry news, features, forums and challenges, as well as a strong body of workshops dealing with the more technical side of artistic training.

These CGWorkshops cover subjects such as advanced matte painting, FX for video games, rigging techniques, stylised character creation and cloth simulation, taught by a collection of film and game industry names such as lead character technical director Wade Ryer, award-winning animator and previs artist Bevin Carnes and CG artist Rob Chang.

They operate along the same lines as other schools: This makes it accessible for artists of all levels, and the fact that most of the material is available through YouTube just adds to that philosophy. The Concept Art Starter Kit , as an example, contains videos on design basics, creating boss and house designs as well as icons and general world design, and would be ideal for artists interested in working for an indie game studio.

It was started as a space for creative types to share and sell their work, but more recently has been heavily adopted by professional concept artists, illustrators and 3D modellers as a space to sell their own tutorials.

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Accredited Online Art Degree Guide for The main accrediting organization for art programs is the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). NASAD’s objective is to ensure that art schools maintain the . The best online art schools allow young and old aspiring artists to gain the technical and business knowledge needed to build a lengthly & successful careers in the arts.