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political system

Types of Government

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homework help types of government
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Monarchy and democracy are easy to distinguish from one another. Monarchy is rule by one person. In a monarchy, a king or a queen rules and that person has all the power. In Greece, there were only kings and no queens. In a democracy, the people rule. In Greece, this meant that the adult free males ruled. These free adult men got to assemble and vote on proposed laws. They were the ultimate source of authority. Oligarchy and aristocracy are less distinct from one another.

Both of these can be defined as rule of the few. In an aristocracy, the few are selected on the basis of their family ties. People of a given few families have the right to be part of the few. In an oligarchy, the selection is generally on the basis of power or wealth.

The people who get to rule are at least people who have, in some way, proven that they deserve to rule. Thus, these are similar, but not identical types of government. The chief conflict was over the gradual encroachment of the Delian League into the whole of Greece, which while once noble following the Battle of Artemisium and the leadership of Pericles, had degenerated into authoritarianism as exemplified by the Melian Dialogue.

Sparta was no champion of democracy but conflict was inevitable due to the above violations of their sovereignty.

What are the four types of government oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy, democracy? Expert Answers kmj23 Certified Educator.

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A democracy is a type of government in which power is held by the people. To exercise this power, many democracies use a system of voting in which the people choose a number of elected representatives to serve in government. For more information, please see the reference link provided.

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Types of Government. Historical Documents. Bill of Rights. Amendments Civil Rights. State and Local Government. Public Policy. The Government and the Economy. Activities. September 11 Remembrance. Forms of Government Homework. What are the pros and cons of each form of government? For example, in democratic countries a parliament is generally an important and effective part of the government. In undemocratic countries, however, a parliament may have little power; it may exist only to give the government the appearance of a democracy.