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❶Take a family survey and make a graph based on the data.

Eureka math homework help as the college thesis

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Days simple business plans. Write a number sentence for the different colors in the train. Add the price of two items at a store. Compare gas prices to find the lowest amount. Start with 20 counters beans, pennies, etc. Subtract counters until you get to 0. Give your student an addition or subtraction number sentence and ask them to make up a story problem to go with the number sentence. Make a physical array with counters and record on paper using symbols.

Talk about graphs in newspapers and magazines. Take a family survey and make a graph based on the data. Use toothpicks or Popsicle sticks to show tally marks. Create a bar graph based on the amount of time your child reads, plays outside, or watches television. Create a pictograph to show the number of hours of sleep or exercise your family gets each day. Module 4 Count objects such as jellybeans in a bowl, pennies in a jar, cheerios in a baggie, etc.

Find numbers in newspapers, magazines, or on items around the house. Practice counting with your student while doing various activities-driving in the car, jumping rope, waiting in line at a store, etc.

Divide a deck of cards evenly between players. Each player flips over a card, the player with the highest card wins the cards. Continue until one player has all cards in the deck. Put different items into groups and talk about which group has more or less items using the terms greater than and less than. Roll dice and create numbers. Say what is 10 more or 10 less than that number. Ask your student to identify the shapes of various road signs while traveling in the car.

Talk with your student about the various shapes of items packaged in the grocery store. Discuss what shapes were used to create the structure.

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Math Homework Help Engage New York (ENY) Homework provides additional practice for math that is learned in class. This site is intended to help guide students/parents through assigned homework.

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The links under Homework Help, have copies of the various lessons to print out. There are also parent newsletters from another district using the same curriculum that may help explain the math .

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Homework Helpers. Homework Helpers are grade-level, spiral bound books which provide step-by-step explanations of how (and why!) to work problems similar to those found in your child's Eureka Math homework is a Homework Helper to go with every homework . Homework Helpers provide step-by-step explanations of how (and why!) to work problems similar to those found in Eureka Math homework assignments.

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In this section, you will find a series of Eureka Math print materials to help you support your child in their academic coursework in the subject of math. 5•2A Story of Units Lesson 1: Multiply multi-digit whole numbers and multiples of 10 using place value patterns and the distributive and associative properties. G5-M2-Lesson 1 1. Fill in the blanks using your knowledge of place value units and basic facts.