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❶The ascendancy of television movies after and the increasingly short "shelf-life" of films in theatres has largely contributed to the credits convention which came with television programs from the beginning, of holding the vast majority of cast and crew information for display at the end of the show.

Media Studies Coursework - AKA Non Examined Unit (NEA)

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Find your perfect uni place go. Study help unanswered threads Groups associated with this forum: This leaves the audience In a state of inconclusiveness, for example when tension builds essentially dark low-key lighting would be used rather than bright.

Mise-en-scene in fact sets a thriller, it makes sure that the audience is aware and keeping up with the storyline, use of location, low-key lighting etc. All these aspects form together to create a thriller and help to add to the suspense and atmosphere intended.

Props are used in films mainly to display characteristics; the props used in the framing of a scene can indicate to what the character themselves are like. The office is covered in stuffed birds; Marion is clearly uncomfortable with this as most people would be. This is a subconscious tip-off of what the audience should suspect. There is chiaroscuro lighting on Norman to show his split personality, this may convey that he has a menacing side and that Marion should be aware of him.

Sound is another major factor of thriller films; this is dramatically used in the shower murder scene and the scene beforehand. Non-diegetic soundtrack is used, which creates a gloomy atmosphere, the audience has sympathy for Marion, she is sat completely alone and rips up a piece of paper with figures on as she sighs. The music then stops and the only sounds are ones that are synchronous and match the visuals in the scene for example when she flushes the piece of ripped paper down the toilet also the shower.

The audience then can see Norman creeping up on Marian through the shower curtain, the non-diegetic sounds then start again when Norman pulls back the curtain to reveal Marion and he begins to stab her. There is also a high pitched diegetic scream, dramatic music is used for this section of the scene as the excitement of the audience has reached a climax. When she falls out the bath there is silence to add to the dramatic nature of the scene.

The film begins with many birds eye view shots and close ups which are slightly cantered, the visuals show cuts almost like quick flashes of an investigation. Behind these visuals an eerie and slightly uncomfortable sound track is used. This non diegetic sound compliments the series of visuals as they build tension and suspense.

This use of music and visuals can give the audience a good clue of what the film will be about, the audience become aware of the themes and context, they are aware it is a crime thriller where they should expect lots of suspense. The nature of the thriller is also exhibited to the audience, ominous forces are surveying the evidence and work presented from an investigation, this shows that the nature of these crimes are serious. Afterwards an establishing shot is displayed; close enough to hint as to where they are.

Fincher leaves little hints written in blood, this is a typical convention of a thriller as it creates apprehension and again hints at the idea of criminals. Detective mills and Somerset Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are unfortunately two steps behind the criminal so initially they struggle to conclude the investigation. This adds an edge to the criminal as the audience are now aware that he is clever and calculating.

The audience is fixated on the two detectives as they want them to find the murderer out, it becomes extremely gripping when finally Somerset realizes what is happening but unfortunately it is too late.

This crime of the century is loosely based on the bible, a Christian caught up in an idea bigger than himself. Fincher surrounds the basis of the film around these messages, the audience forget what is really happening, and this technique is very common in thrillers.

Furthermore low-key lighting is used throughout the thriller, this is to emphasise the bleak atmosphere and to suggest that bad things are about the happen in the plot, also the nature of the crimes are very dark and severe. During the murder scenes there is emphasis on the low-key lighting this again is so the audience have a feel of what the characters are feeling and the situation they are in.

Another main convention that Fincher uses is there is clear conflict between the two main protagonists Mills and Somerset. This can create an edgy tension as there is an obvious repellent atmosphere. Anger between two people who are meant to be working together only ends difficulty and bitterness. Throughout the course of the film Fincher allows the relationship between Mills and Somerset to form and grow, this is why the ending of the film is again so devastating.

In this film I believe the convention that mainly stood out was the use of creating tension through the abstract elements. All scenes oozed with suspense and uncertainty. All aspects complimented each other such as low-key lighting, foreboding music, various props used and most importantly the characters themselves and their body language.

I think this mixture of conventions means that Fincher creates everlasting tension and therefore created a memorable thriller. The sequence starts with a voice over of an American man; the visuals show picturesque views of deserted areas. The voice over is the man talking about crime, this voice over in turn acts as a sound bridge as the audience then sees a man the murderer and hit man being arrested and there is a close up camera shot of the weapon. This adds tension and an eerie feel to the start of the film as there is no soundtrack just a voice over.

This also intrigues the audience as they want to find out who the man being arrested is. There is no distinctive soundtrack used in the entirety of the thriller, this could be a technique used to create more suspense and also so the audience can hear every sound effect diegetic sound. The audience experience the first murder three minutes into the film when the criminal strangles the police officer in his office.

There is a close up shot used to show the murderer has a crazed look on his face and slight smirk when he knows that the officer is dead, again there is no so untrack used so the audience can sense how the police officer is struggling for his life. Stereotypically however the antagonist is wearing dark clothing to allude the darkness of his personality, he is wearing boots which make a louder sound whilst walking so the audience know he is approaching.

There is a clear contrast in clothing and body language between the antagonist and protagonist. It can also cause an effect of claustrophobia within an audience; this would make the audience feel uneasy. Mirrors can also be used to represent a darkness and evilness of a character, this is evident a couple of times in the thriller.

One that stands out is when the murderer is sitting in a trailer staring at his own reflection in the television, the TV is switched off and shows a black blank screen to emphasise the darkness of this character.

Soon after the police officers trying to hunt him down they visit this trailer and stare at the same TV, this is ironic because if they had only gone slightly earlier they would have caught him.

This makes the audience feel uneasy and maybe slightly stressed as they want the police to find him before he attacks again. This sometimes creates disorientation of time and space for an audience by the use of montage editing. The pace of this film is quite slow to build tension however more fast paste editing is used when the visuals switch cut between the antagonist and protagonist.

This is when the protagonist is hiding the suitcase full of money in the vent and the antagonist is searching a room to make sure its empty before picking up his deadly weapon. There is low-key lighting used to add to the hesitancy of the scene.

However in No Country for Old Men the audience are introduced to the villain at the very beginning of the thriller, this is so the audience can follow his every move and can see how severe his actions are. Revisiting mise-en-scene, the use of costume and make up tell an audience what a character is like. In this thriller it is a western theme so the protagonist and the other heroic like figures in the film are dressed in shirts, trousers, boots and often wearing a hat, they are wearing fairly light clothing which are bright colours.

Props and objects are used by the actors in the film; depending on the props used it can determine the identity of a character or genre of a film.

In this thriller there are incorporate weapons, mainly guns. The characters in a thriller can vary, there is usually a killer antagonist this would be present in psychological thrillers. The protagonist is usually trying to uncover the crime or stop the antagonist from committing crimes.

In this case the protagonist has some money that he found after a drug deal went wrong that the antagonist is after. The antagonist ends up killing the protagonist and his wife regardless of whether he has the money. Conventions of the thriller genre.

Usually in a thriller you would see a battle between the protagonist and the antagonist characters. Furthermore the story would then show a chain of mysterious and bad events which in turn would build up suspense and tension and then reach a climax.

The antagonist is usually plotting against the protagonist. The protagonist is usually a brave male who seeks to restore the equilibrium. The antagonist wants to destroy this, they will usually have a hidden identity which is uncovered as the film goes on. The antagonist is usually seeking revenge on the protagonist.

Quick cuts between shots are normally used to either demonstrate chaos or to make the viewer jump and to scare them or to make them panic. A lot of non-diegetic sound is usually used; this would include music that builds up tension and uncertainty.

A change and variation in angle of shots would be used so that the audience can get a clear and good view of what is going on in the narrative. Diegetic noises of heavy breathing may be used to add again to the suspense of the narrative. The protagonist is usually in the mercy of the Antagonist. The narrative will usually be realistic so that the audience believe that these events could potentially happen to them which make them more scared, as the genre is designed to be a pulse raiser.

Lots of camera angles are used in thrillers, there will be lots of close ups and extreme close ups of the protagonist as this will show their emotions in certain situations, this can also be used to focus on props to aid the narrative.

The shots of the antagonist will cut quickly as the aim is to hide their identity for a certain amount of time. Chiaroscuro lighting is also used to make the antagonist looks menacing and mysterious. The editing also plays a big role in the thriller genre. The director will use lots of cuts between shots as there will be things happening that the audience is unaware of but is essential for the film to make sense.

Cross cutting is a key point in editing as is used to build tension. Continuous editing will be used so that the audience can understand what is exactly happening in the film.

Mise en scene also plays a big role in the thriller genre. The location is important as that can reflect the genre of the film well, for thriller lots of locations could be used but usually somewhere dark and dirty is typical.

The lighting used is usually low key, the protagonist is normally in everyday clothing for their costume whereas the antagonist is usually wearing dark clothing. Makeup and hair is also key in this genre as the characters have to look effective to the audience, make up can determine whether someone looks like a hero or a villain. These films often focus on the criminal s rather than a policeman. Crime thrillers usually emphasise action over psychological aspects.

It has become popular since the s and the rise of VCR market penetration. His love of films and filmography came about when he would go to the cinema and read US trade journals in his spare time from work as an estimator for the Henley Telegraph and Cable Company in It was only after the director for Always Tell Your Wife fell ill and Hitchcock was made director to complete the film that he and Reville began to collaborate.

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