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❶She is an amazing writer and truly has a gift for communicating her ideas concisely and effectively.

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He runs, then he eats dinner. She was fired due to excessive tardiness. Running first, then dinner for Juan. Sometimes just a quick glance works: Lots of tiny words usually indicate preposition overload. Pick a blog post, an article, a chapter of a novel. How many can you find? Now get to work on rewording those sentences without the prepositions. Can you chop words and take it down to ?

You might have prepositions left over, but your writing will be stronger, smarter, sharper, and snappier. I was amazed at how many words I overuse. Thank you for providing examples. The explanations were great but the explanations pulled it all together for me.

I will keep this for reference as I write. Thanks, keep the tips coming! My writing is not very good at 8: Great to hear the explanations help. It is a simple thing to say but, in this case heart felt. For the first time, I was able to finish writing my book. Then came the start of my edit. I have found the resources you have given to be super helpful.

I have a long way to go but, the end is closer all the time. Thanks so much for your comment. A lot of people hated English class. Congrats on finishing your first NaNo! Stay tuned for more! Perfectly pure and simple advice! Tightens up your writing instantly. Yet writers overlook the overuse daily. Thanks for the reminder. Thank you for this great advice, Leah. That is so cool— words chopped! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. How to reach your writing goals in Prepositions act as adjectives and answer the question which one?

They can also act as adverbs to describe when , how , why , or where. You get the picture. Here are some examples: Sometimes exchanging one preposition for another shortens and improves the sentence, like this: Remember, your intended meaning governs the change. Pruning the prepositions and replacing them with stronger words means better writing Sometimes just a quick glance works: Post your results in the comments!

Thank you It is a simple thing to say but, in this case heart felt. Hi Scott, Thanks so much for your comment. Leave a Comment Cancel. How to reach your writing goals in Next Post: Image Creation We provide business editing services including but not limited to the following: Image Development Developing the right materials for your prospects is essential for a well-run business. Your image rests on creating and refining a compelling message in all of your electronic and printed materials.

Image Safeguarding Anything you send to us is fully copyright protected for you. Meeting Your Deadline Achieve exceptional results using your timetable and our superior business standards. We make certain to meet your deadline by managing each project with one of our chief editors. Adept Business Editing Services Winning companies and corporations recognize the need for professional services providing quality control and timesaving efficiency.

Good business sense comes from letting our knowledgeable business editors and experienced business writers oversee your project. Focus on your core business activities while our business writing service optimizes your internal and external communication. What do you proofread and edit? Do you correct my grammar? We correct grammar as part of our business proofreading service. What do you fix in a business document?

How will I know what has changed in my business editing? Will my business project be edited the way I want? Do I need the latest version of Word or a PC? Do you use formats other than Microsoft? What about my citation style? How long does it take for your editing services? How much will it cost to professionally edit my business project? What are the payment options? What is the basis for the proofreading and editing rate? How do I get a word count?

Is there a minimum charge for services? Do you rewrite business documents? What about payment security? What are your credentials? What are your business hours?

How can I contact you? I check everything; do I need you? Your business file will be print-ready subject to the state of the project when submitted to us. May I explain something to my business editor?

May I quote my business editor? Any feedback you receive from your business editor is for the purpose of improving your work.

How do I take advantage of the affiliate program? Try before you buy! Business Editing and Proofreading. Our business editors and correctors have extensive experience in the following key business areas: Why Hire Out Business Editing?

When it comes to editing for me there is not other than Wordsharp. They are always ahead of schedule and that earns trust, frankly something not often found. I know when I send them a document I get it back professionally edited and moreover with sound recommendations for document improvements.

Her comprehension of my subject matter and discipline made all the difference. I appreciate your generous compliments about the article. You will be the one I will choose next time. Thanks -Carl I was happy with the editing. Thank you for editing my article.

I have recommended your services to many of my colleagues. I certainly appreciate your feedback and your encouragement! Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Thanks -Chloe I say every writer needs an editor. Had a 20,word technical document to be edited.

This is my new go to for business editing! Will be using this website in the future! Thank you for such excellence from yourself and the team around you! I can truly recommend your service to anyone who would like their manuscript or writing to reach another level of excellence! Great service with great excellence! Everything is looking great and printed manuals.

We will also send you more content soon e. We already worked with you four years ago and we were very satisfied with your work. Regards, -Sanela I had a positive experience using this editing company. It made the greatest difference. There was a great deal to work through. I did not know what to expect. I wish I had found them sooner. My book sounds a lot better and flows really well. They came through for me. You did a very expert and effective job of proofreading word usage, sentence structure, and grammar.

These guys are prompt, professional, and their rates are good. I happily recommend them to anyone. Truly outstanding and I will be glad to call on them again for my next publication. Have serious problems with my writing. Service was reliable, prompt and better than expected.

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Thesis editing and proofreading services dissertation editing proofreading book editing service business editing and proofreading citation style editing. WORD SHARP Other Editing Services Resume writing, editing, and formatting; book cover design; low-cost ISBN registration; Kindle and ePub conversion.

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Professional writing, editing, and proofreading Phone Cell email. Language is mainly a set of tools, not rules. But adherence to the rules is what makes the tools sharp. When the rules are ignored, the tools get dull, the If you have any other comments or questions about our services or our site, please use the.

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Editing Cheap - 4, Completed ORDERS Today for Highworth, England, Resume editing service - Best dissertation editing service - Sharp words editing and writing services. Business editors book editing proofreading Business editing services proofreading and editing business proofreading service formatting. WORD SHARP Have serious problems with my writing. Love you all. Service was 5/5().

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Where Can I Find Someone To Write Editing For Me - 8, Completed ORDERS Today for Exmouth, England, Personal statement editing service - Sharp words editing and writing services - Application essay editing. Editing – A Sharp Writing Guide Published on June 28, June 28, by John Pathos – the Ally of Writing (not to be confused with the Porthos – Ally of Athos).