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UK parents help less with homework

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Homework therefore is a means of getting children to do more and more work, which will help them achieve the levels they need. So as the scrutiny of Ofsted inspections, league tables and forced academisation continues, at least in England, homework is unlikely to be scrapped.

Indeed, for many schools it is an essential way of ensuring pupils achieve their full potential. For example, for the Ark chain of academies, homework is seen as a vital means of raising standards. These are essential - and enriching - skills for later life. So if homework looks set to continue to cast a shadow over the family kitchen table, what strategies might families adopt to stop it spoiling the weekend?

Jeremy Todd, chief executive of the parenting charity Family Lives, says: Anne Longfield, chief executive of the charity 4Children, adds: The slow-moving storm knocks out power for hundreds of thousands of people and rips apart buildings. Image caption Homework is meant to consolidate learning, but it can be a source of stress and conflict for many families The long summer holidays are over - bedtime is coming back into line, the first days of term have gone well and everyone has settled back into the rhythm of school.

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The slow-moving storm knocks out power for hundreds of thousands of people and rips apart buildings. This was among the highest levels of any of the surveyed countries. More on this story. Poor pupils get less tutoring and homework help - study. Audio Is homework really necessary? Omagh High students investigate. Scottish primary school stops setting homework.

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