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California Southern University DOCTORAL PROJECT MANUAL
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Remember, all doctoral projects are research documents. The chapters will be scholarly in style, although they can still share the excitement of the topic.

ThIn the final chapters, though scholarly in form, the Learner will have a chance to highlight his or [APA format] her work using his or her own insights and conclusions. The Learner is encouraged to select a topic that falls within the scope of his or her expertise, interest, and career objectives.

Conducting preliminary research in Doctoral Project Abstracts and other sources is highly recommended. The Learner needs to be sure to maintain references for these sources and all literature researched. Much can be learned by reviewing a list of topics chosen for doctoral projects see Appendix A for examples of Doctoral Project titles.

Time is well spent by researching and ultimately rejecting a topic. This process creates a solid foundation for the subject that is finally chosen. Often efforts devoted to those abandoned topics have a way of resurfacing for consideration in future projects. Doctoral Project topics that prove most successful share certain characteristics. Review the characteristics as listed below and then re-examine Appendix A to see how other Learners have titled their Doctoral Project topics.

Within this section are the guidelines for establishing the Doctoral Project Committee and outlines the role and the process Committee members will follow in assisting the Learner to reach his or her goal. The Doctoral Project process provides Doctoral Learners with four formal evaluations. This is to ensure Learners pass through the process of academic rigor and that quality standards are maintained. For each formal evaluation by the Doctoral Project Committee, members complete either Grade Reports or assessment forms that provide a written record of the process.

A review of previous work and an interview may be required. This constitutes the first formal evaluation of the potential doctoral candidate in the doctoral project process. The Learner will have to re-enroll in the course until the requirements are met. This will result in additional tuition. In this course, emphasis is placed on the Learner writing Chapter 1 and 2. The Learner will have to reenroll in the course until the requirements are met.

In this course, emphasis is placed on the Learner writing Chapter 3. In this course, emphasis is placed on the Learner writing Chapter 3 and 4. Within this course, the Learner writes Chapter 5 and then works closely with his or her Chair in re-fining Chapter 1 through Chapter 5.

After receiving approval of the written manuscript, the Learner prepares to orally defend his or her Doctoral Project. The submission of the Grade Report for successfully completing PSY constitutes the fourth and final formal evaluation. Members of the Committee are encouraged to communicate with each other throughout the Doctoral Project process; the Committee Chair may call a formal meeting of the Committee at his or her discretion be held by a telephone conference call, e-mail, or videoconference.

The Learner may contact individual Committee Members, but most communication will be through the Committee Chair. All documents are sent to the Chair only. The Chair in turn sends documents to other committee members. All Committee Members will work directly with the Chair. At times, the Chair working in concert with the Committee Members may suggest the Learner reduce the scope of the project or narrow the focus of the research in order to create a workable project.

At other times, the scope may need to be widened for a thorough investigation of the topic to have been completed. Therefore, the Learner will find it helpful to communicate with the Chair at every important juncture during the planning and writing of the Project.

The University requires doctoral projects to be prepared in a manner that ensures use of consistency in the arrangement and organization of the work. Learners are required to adhere to the directions for layout of the Doctoral Project as specified in the style manual used for course PSY American Psychological Association Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 6 th ed.

The start of each paragraph should be indented to 0. Single sentence paragraphs should be avoided. Photographs of charts or graphs or photographs of people, landscapes, equipment etc. Full-sized illustrations including photographs may have accompanying caption pages preceding them.

Such illustrations and their caption-pages should be numbered in the sequence of text numbers. Proper spacing between sections of the project, and the treatment of headings and subheadings, should be as specified in the APA Manual used in PSY A.

The contents of the Doctoral Project should follow the sequence as illustrated in Appendix C. Because the submittal of a Doctoral Project to the University constitutes publication under the terms of copyright law Title 17, Section , the Learner should have the work copyrighted, especially if he or she intends to publish any part later.

The Learner does not have to register with the Library of Congress to copyright the project. Alternately, several organizations provide this service along with online abstracting, and sale of copies, bound or on disk. Joint authorship of doctoral projects will not be permitted. Each doctoral candidate must submit his or her own Doctoral Project under single authorship. However, there are two alternatives if the Learner wishes to include such reprints in the finished project: The reprint or offprint would then become an integral part of the argument and evidence presented in the project.

This allows the University to make copies of the project available to interested parties upon request. The Doctoral Project is usually composed of five chapters.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to the study. Chapter 2 is a review of the current literature that is related to the study. Chapter 3 is where the methodology of the study is explained. Chapter 4 is where the findings are reported. Chapter 5 is where the results and conclusions drawn from the results are described and included in this area are suggestions for focus for further study.

The introduction serves to locate the subject in a broader field of thought or sets the stage for what will follow. The actual Doctoral Project topic should be revealed somewhere on the first page. Remember, in the future, scholars will quickly want to identify what question s of inquiry the Doctoral Project is addressing.

Many doctoral projects have no overview at all but open directly with a statement of the problem. This method can be used if the field of study is widely understood. Information in this section provides an explanation of why the research needs to be conducted. Here some background of the problem area and setting for explaining the reasons for the study are provided. The background of the problem establishes a foundation for each important area of the study.

The primary questions of inquiry are as follows: Having stated the topic in concise form, the writer may devote a few paragraphs to expand upon the ideas.

This section should be used as the foundation for explaining the methodology in Chapter 3. The key theoretical principles and assumptions are stated. Information in this section supports the rational for the formation of the research questions. This is the place to clearly state the significance of the study. The Learner needs to say why the research question should be answered, and how the answers will affect his or her field of work.

In this section, the specific nature and application of the knowledge that is expected is addressed. There are two areas to present: Chapter Two examines current literature and discusses how it relates to the research question. Chapter Three presents the methods and procedures necessary to test the hypothesis and outlines the limitations of the study. Chapter Four is a compilation of Research Findings. Chapter Five ends with a summary and conclusion. The summary will provide an overall evaluation of the literature reviewed with the various outcomes and whether the outcomes support or refute the stated hypotheses.

The questions of inquiry rest within a conceptual framework fashioned from the research and writing of other scholars. To do so requires more than just listing and summarizing all the studies that relate to the doctoral project.

The Learner should describe the main theories and explanations that are generally accepted. The Learner must include evidence-based research findings that support the theories and explanations. It is suggested the Learner focus the literature review on work accomplished within the past 5 years with some references as required to landmark studies.

This review is to be comprehensive. However, because the literature review is a distillation of the work of others, all facts within the report should be cited. The literature review is not intended to be a large annotation of research. Many writers find it useful to organize the literature review by themes. The themes may center around different theories, historical sequences, or any other kind of categorization that brings order to the material reviewed.

The Leaner should use major headings to identify each of these sections. Dividing the review of the literature into sections spares the Learner from having to make assumed transitions from one theme to another that may be awkward.

Sub-headings also organize the material into shorter, more usable blocks of information for the reader. It is important, however, to make the necessary connections between major headings of the review.

In general, the Learner may want to consider the following:. After all of the selected literature has been reviewed, a final section should be added that pulls together as many themes as possible, or summarizes major trends in a cogent way.

Contradictions and uncertainties can also be highlighted. The relevance of the study in the light of other research and theories should be emphasized again. The review of the literature should provide an answer to the research question s , yielded new insights, and suggested directions for further research in the field. The research method the Learner chooses depends on the subject matter, his or her own particular view of the world, how the Learner relates to it, and what he or she is trying to accomplish.

The University supports a literature review for the analysis of the data that will address the research questions. The introduction of Chapter Three should restate the purpose of the study and the research questions. The method s for studying the topic should be discussed in the overview. It is an analysis of the data from an extensive Literature review of a subject.

The researcher presents the strategies and justifications on how the answer s to the research question s were derived. This will be non-statistical; however, a methods book should be used to describe your approach to analyzing the data.

All studies carry inherent limitations, and these should be discussed frankly. In theoretical studies, other limitations arise. For instance, one may have to rely on translated sources rather than original writings.

Pointing out limitations of the research enhances its value, for readers recognize that the Learner considered these factors carefully. This chapter is focused on presenting the results during the course of the analysis. All results that are relevant to study need to be presented and discussed in a logical manner.

This is accomplished by addressing each research question in the order in which it was presented in Chapter One. Here the learner must assert that the research questions have been answered. The results provide the foundation for justifying the findings and conclusions that are drawn from this study.

Write 2 to 3 paragraphs that present an overview of how the chapter is organized to present the data analysis. You should begin with a brief review of the purpose of the study and the problem to be addressed.

Include an overview of how your findings were discovered. Findings or results or statistical analyses are presented without discussion. Include only the amount of explanation necessary to help your reader understand the basis of your findings. The report of findings needs to be complete enough for the readers to interpret the data independently. Enough detail needs to be provided for the readers to assess its worth.

The basic operating principle is that intelligent readers should be able to use this section on findings to make an independent judgment about what has been found. Nothing must be withheld from the readers that would prevent this judgment form being made.

Use graphic representations such as tables and figures as appropriate. Should graphic representations be used, each table and figure must be preceded by narrative text that introduces and clarifies or highlights it. Tables and figures must fit on one page and follow the format described by APA. If there are a number of tables or figures to present, weave the narrative text around them.

Supplementary or secondary tables and figures can be placed in appendixes. This section is to report what your findings mean. It is clear how the field s of study may be affected by your inquiry.

This section varies in length depending on the kind of study conducted and the significance of the findings. Discussion summarizes key points presented in Chapter 4. While more than a listing of the points that have been made, the summary should provide a clear, cognitive, and succinct means of highlighting to the reader the main points that have been presented. Included here is a summary of the introductory information, and a restatement of the problem, purpose, research questions, methodology, and results.

The Learner brings focus on the problem statement and the research questions presented in the proposal; discusses each of the research questions answering the question and extending the results to ideas, opinions, and suggestions of the Learner on findings that impact these issues.

It is here that the Learner discusses and summarizes the findings for the study and explains whether the results and findings support or contradict generally accepted theories and studies in the subject area.

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