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We understand that generally rates vary widely during the first quarter of the year, and sometimes during the third quarter or late in the fourth quarter, which are traditionally slow seasons for many businesses.

We will try to avoid paying full rates during the rest of the year or during popular shows or prime time. We will also stretch our dollar by bartering our products for air time.

Our other methods of marketing will include direct mail, encompassing a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters, and sales letters. Point-of-Purchase POP advertising appears in various forms inside our retail store. It is designed to influence the buying behavior of our customers. POP advertising may take many forms in our store, each bearing a sales message. Here are a few examples:. According to the U. Industrial Outlook stores selling mostly nondurables accounted for nearly 64 percent total retail sales, with revenues topping 1.

Sales of durable goods totaled billion in current dollars, up more than seven percent from and accounted for 36 percent of the total. From to the sector as a whole grew at a rate of approximately 5 percent and represents the second-largest industry in our economy after the service industry. Retailing has experienced more changes during the past decade than it did in the preceding generations.

In addition, the growth of discount retailers has increased at a rate, some experts claim, three times that of the industry. This is due primarily to companies like Wal-Mart which has been credited with creating one out of every 16 new jobs in the United States in and to an increase in wholesale membership clubs, such as Toys "R" Us and Circuit City. Retail customers of the s are significantly different from retail customers of a decade ago, and retail strategies need to be reassessed in view of the changing demographics and new buying patterns.

Boston Rags is located on a strip that includes a variety of businesses, but none of which create any competition. Traffic is moderate to heavy, especially near the lunch and dinner hours.

The closest competing urban wear store is at least 20 miles away, located in the Hartford Valley Mall. According to the Arbitron, Spring , U. The Consumer Spending Patterns Report states that the average amount spent on clothing per household is:. Boston Rags uses a strategy of total market service. Our promise is in our location and the products we sell, the people we attract, and the atmosphere we create.

We will create an atmosphere that lures the "Hardcore" urban clothing fans. We are selling the look. We want to be part of the activity, part of the memory, part of the tradition of dressing in the latest fashions.

Our location is a very important competitive edge. We are there, right at the point of entering or exiting downtown Hartford. The nearest competitor is at least 20 miles away. The other competitive edge we have developed is the atmosphere and reputation. Boston Rags will bring a part of the Boston, Massachusetts, urban clothing experience to Hartford, Connecticut. That is why we are developing our fashion shows, musical guest appearances, etc.

This advantage is important to us because our prices are slightly higher than other urban wear store locations in Connecticut. We will also offer more personal attention to our customers than the larger mall retail stores. We have direct connections to one of the top urban wear retailers in Boston, Massachusetts, called Ventures. It is the intent to start the business selling the clothing people need to create a unique image of themselves.

This includes various prints, colors, and styles. Some of our special events will include:. Special events give Boston Rags powerful vehicles to promote our image, products, merchandise, services, and to generate goodwill to the public.

Boston Rags will use these special events to attract customers, sell products, earn profits, make markets aware of new developments, and make communities aware of their policies, goals, and purposes. We will not be offering credit to our customers. We will accept checks with the assistance of a check verification company. This check verification company offers check verification and check guarantees. So, if a check has been approved by this company and it turns out to be bad, the company will reimburse us for the value of the check, eliminating our risk of getting paid.

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We will also do holiday specials. There will be some cycling, but it will take some experience to ascertain it. Summer months will probably be lower than winter. Computations are base on a percent markup. Arbor have begun to build strategic alliances to assist them with buisiness and inventory issues. Retailers of nondurable merchandise face a dual challenge of a slow-growing market and changes in demographics and consumer buying habits that have spawned structural changes within the industry.

Boston Rags will adjust our competitive strategies to these new realities and take advantage of new marketing techniques as electronic retailing, catalog marketing, a smaller store, and improved customer service.

By completing these tasks we can succeed in improving our market position in the changing retailing era of the s and beyond. Arbor has over seven years of experience in retail sales and over five years of managerial experience. She has held positions of responsibility which required meeting company objectives.

She receives a sufficient salary from her current job to support her during the incubation period of her business. She will oversee the store on a daily basis. She, along with co-owner Ms. Seymour, will hire two staff persons to work full-time in the store. One person will be responsible for operating the cash register and loss prevention. The other person will be responsible for customer service and inventory control. Seymour will oversee day-today operations along with Ms.

Both owners believe very strongly that relationships should be forthright, work should be structured with enough room for creativity, and pay should commensurate with the amount and quality of work completed. No person is better than another, except in ability, knowledge, and experience.

Therefore, we have taken the time to make sure all those overseeing the store and those working directly in the store have the qualifications needed to help build our professional image. It is the intent for the owners to be the key manpower in starting this business. They will be assisted by two full-time employees during certain hours. Employee resources include the local University and Career Alliance.

Moira has seven years of retail management experience in the area of cashier and loss prevention. Rhonda has nine years of experience in the area of customer service and inventory control. Both of these employees have an exceptionally high level of retail experience and professionalism needed to deliver excellent customer service for our customers and management of our store. Our financial plan depends on important assumptions, most of which are shown in the following table as annual assumptions.

Boston Rags will have a profit-to-sales ratio of just over 27 percent. Normally, a start-up concern will operate with negative profits through the first two years.

We will avoid that kind of operating loss by knowing our competitors and our target markets. We are positioning ourselves in the market as a medium risk concern with steady cash flows.

Accounts payable is paid at the end of each month while sales are in cash and credit cards, giving Boston Rags an excellent cash structure. All of our tables will be updated monthly to reflect past performance and future assumptions. Future assumptions will not be based on past performance but rather on economic cycle activity, regional industry strength, and future cash flow possibilities.

We expect solid growth in net worth beyond the year The following table shows the projected ratios. We expect to maintain healthy ratios for profitability, risk and return. This probably the most unrealistic business plan I have ever seen. Do not heed this as a good template!!!

A retail clothing store must buy product to fill shelves from brands and distributors for one year, sometimes six months. So whatever you project to gross in Year One, you must have at least half of the product cost, of the first projected month, available as cash on hand.

Designing, buying fixtures, branding, construction and POS integration are immense start-up costs requiring cash on hand. Then months wages, rent deposit according to lease agreement also need to be available. Owner-operator obviously more profitable. Literally under them poverty line. A store that size will not be able to reach the minimum orders required by the major distributors offering margins, based on financial, gross output, initial traffic and relational market restraints.

Especially, if as a distributor, you do not know if the buyer will pay their bills. Travel expenses to attend trade shows and buying trips to meet with vendors, and purchase product for upcoming seasons. Be sure to include extra wages to be able to operate the store sufficiently. Also, two items in the room, but you are selling the look not the items? How do you expect to add-on wardrobe? TO properly wardrobe a customer, minimum of 3 items will be in the room at all times.

At least per season please! Why do you need a store that big? It will look empty with the amount of product you bought. And 44cents a square foot for commercial retail space, per month! That is a dumb number. You do not want to be at a location with rent that cheap, and that number is unheard of in the industry for the size you want. The spreadsheets are well-formatted, but the dollars and logistics of this business plan are garbage.

Do not use this as a source! Go talk to someone in the industry! Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Stop the spin — Bishopstoke deserves better!

Our aim is to fight proposals put forward by developers to build over 6, homes just outside Bishopstoke and Fair Oak often called options B and C , which are apparently supported by the Lib Dem leadership of EBC. We believe that these options would have catastrophic environmental consequences for the borough, for local ancient woodlands, for the River Itchen, for the South Downs National Park….

And the potential loss of huge swathes of our green space has certainly made me…. The three candidates are: ADD would like to thank all of the candidates who took the time to send us a brief statement, thereby participating in our virtual hustings. Eastleigh is taking a greater proportion of housing than surrounding areas — why? The Conservative-controlled county council and….

Andrew Hayward, Green candidate for Meon Valley, has sent us the following email: Make 20 July Special! Eastleigh Borough Council has said that it will make a decision on which options of its Local Plan it will choose at its next full council meeting on 20 JULY at 7pm — location to be decided. Help save your countryside! As TV naturalist Chris Packham says: On 18 May, Mims Davies, Conservative candidate for Eastleigh, sent us the following email plus links: Earlier today, George Hollingbery, Conservative candidate for Meon Valley, sent us the following email: Put simply, I think they represent….

General election, 8 June — how do relevant candidates view options B and C? We are therefore giving every candidate in these constituencies the opportunity to supply ADD with up to words on their views on options B and C and words on their intended actions relating to options B and C NB: TV naturalist Chris Packham has described the plans….

Of the 11 candidates who replied to our open invitation, ALL said they support our campaign. The remaining eight candidates chose…. The local plan that will prevent hostile housing developments is now more than seven years overdue! I understand the area includes not only several areas of designated ancient woodland and hedgerows….

Oh, and also to the existing communities who treasure the woodland and…. They cut across irreplaceable ancient woodland with a road that will increase traffic congestion and pollution. We were careful to keep to public rights of way.

Building housing and roads too close to woods leads to wildlife corridors being degraded. There is also concern about invasive non-native species of plants spreading into sites of ancient natural woodland, damaging the ecology. This often happens unintentionally….

Where we can fight these plans is at the ballot box. There is desperate need for political change in Eastleigh. We all need to vote at the imminent local election. I urge all those fighting these plans to vote. The possibility of losing political power will frighten this Council more than any other action. While we recognise that Eastleigh, like Winchester, needs to build additional houses, we are concerned about the impact….

The news comes as a relief to the host of national bodies campaigning to protect the ancient woodland north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak from proposals by….

This happens mainly when it rains. Southern Water say the sewage treatment works…. Valuable woodland and ecosystems need to be preserved for wildlife and…. Appeal to ADD supporters — please sign this petition by 2 May! The beautiful countryside in this area includes seven sites of ancient woodland: However, the white paper does not go as far as to…. Fun runners will be able to enjoy a sociable 5. Both the waterway and all of its tributaries and the surrounding meadows — and surrounding ancient woodland — are of national importance.

This means when it comes to local importance they are unparalleled. This is something we should be looking after, not just…. Developers, planners and local planning authorities in East and West Sussex and West Kent have been left scratching their heads after a decision by one council has called into question all new development in the area.

This is something we should be looking after, not just now but long into the future. Firstly, direct damage and destruction of local habitats, with remaining areas being isolated, over-used and degraded.

Secondly, worsening air quality with increased traffic congestion. Call to account councillors and officers responsible for planning decisions that are harming the borough.

I also call for a moratorium on current…. Environmental and infrastructure impact. The Action Against Destructive Development ADD campaign is not endorsing any candidate and we plan to provide a method by which residents can read and compare statements — a kind of virtual hustings.

We have invited each candidate for each ward that will be impacted if options B and C go ahead, to submit a short article, no more than words, that describes their position with regards to the…. He has also given his backing to ADD, the pressure group set up to fight these proposals.

Some of the sites featured in that document are now included in option B of the Local Plan. I totally agree that to drive a road through the north Bishopstoke area will be nothing short of ecological vandalism in respect of the damage that will ensue to the areas of precious ancient woodland.

There has been much comment from Eastleigh Borough Council EBC regarding the fact that the new road will not actually pass though the woodland, but this is disingenuous to say the least! On 15 December more than residents attended a full council meeting in Hedge End, requiring an overflow room with TV monitor for those who could not get into the chamber itself. The report also demonstrated convincingly that alternative options in Allington Lane offer a much more….

Mr Packham has voiced his fears over the future of wildlife in Eastleigh in light of plans for homes and a new road in Fair Oak and Bishopstoke. The council is guilty of shabby politics. The plans are bad for wildlife and bad for humans. Chris Packham, the television naturalist, is backing a campaign to save the ancient woodland that inspired his passion for nature. Stoke Park Woods, in Eastleigh, Hampshire, are threatened by plans to build more than 6, homes on greenfield land and have the houses served by a bypass carved out between two protected woods.

The report shows how road building over the past two decades has repeatedly failed to live up to similar aims. As Eastleigh Borough Council considers its Local Plan options, will it listen to this compelling evidence?

Threat to Stoke Park Woods: Action against Destructive Development is fiercely politically neutral. We may nonetheless speak out if a politician makes a statement that seriously misleads the public — regardless of which party they represent. However, the newsletter makes no mention of a warning from the Woodland Trust which exists to protect woodland that the…. Council planning 6, homes on green field site, plus a bypass through protected area Posted on 9 March Country Life, 9 March In Hampshire, the council at Eastleigh is considering a plan to put 6, homes on green fields, served by a bypass squeezed between two ancient protected woodlands once used by King John.

The Government stated recently that ancient woodlands should be as protected as green fields. A draft plan is due to be published this Spring. A spokesperson for Eastleigh council declined to comment. ADD is therefore an enthusiastic…. She believes this to be incorrect, and two very separate issues. Anyone reading the report prepared by planning consultant, West Waddy, last December will see just how compelling the arguments are — whether viewed from a planning, financial, human, practical or environmental perspective.

So EBC was absolutely right to vote unanimously at its meeting on 15 December to keep all options…. At dusk, they normally display and then fly to roost in Upper Barn Copse. Join our campaign against options B and C now! We must do all we can to ensure future generations can also enjoy these truly magnificent aerial displays. An application to build homes in Fair Oak was approved at the local area committee meeting in Bishopstoke.

A draft Local Plan is due to be published later this year. Pembers Hill Farm planning approval: It was very nearly a full house at Stoke Park Junior school yesterday evening, with around people looking to see whether Eastleigh councillors from the Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath Local Area Committee would stand up for their communities. He warned speakers from the public all of eight whom were against the application to avoid raising the merits of B and C. Planning Officer Dawn Errington opened the item with a long….

Crucial meeting on Pembers Hill Farm application tonight: Councillors have received many letters and documents detailing powerful arguments why this application should be rejected, including from their own officers! We look forward to seeing you there. A Local Area Committee comprising of councillors from Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath will decide on the application at a meeting tomorrow evening.

Thought your countryside was safe? Posted on 20 January Forum, January If the Local Area Committee [which meets on Wednesday to discuss this issue] pass this application it will be clear that the council does take the Local Plan making process seriously. It will be in the Main Hall at Stoke…. Researchers helping ADD have done it again! This time we have gone one step further: We now have a clip of that interview so that those who were unable to hear it can now do so.

Eastleigh Borough Council EBC has today responded to an article in the Daily Echo on 16 December , which erroneously suggested that the council had chosen to pursue options B and C at its full council meeting on 15 December A swathe of land south of villages including Colden Common and Twyford would be developed under plans being considered by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Cllr Susan Cook who represents the two villages, spoke at a heated Eastleigh council meeting in Hedge End. Development would include 6, homes and a bypass running between Fair Oak and Allbrook, linking to the M3. Opposition to these options was clearly articulated by local residents, in set piece speeches, through a show of hands, and by dint of boisterous clapping in support of arguments against them. Thanks to the excellent representations from the public, councillors got a very clear message as to the level of opposition to the proposed development in Allbrook, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, so-called options B and C, and the growing mountain of evidence against them.

Of the external contributions to the meeting, only one person spoke in favour of options B and C — and that was an agent to the developers in that area! Our long-held objective for the meeting was to ensure that councillors keep an open mind as to the two…. At the meeting, the council agreed to continue pursuing all options but focus its feasibility studies on large strategic sites across the north of the borough in Bishopstoke and Fair Oak so-called options B and C.

I believe [council leader] Keith House and his group have got this wrong and they know it. We are realists and know that you have some hard choices to make. Over the coming months leading to the draft local plan in May , you have collectively the awesome responsibility of determining forever the future physical character of the borough.

The paper on the two strategic growth options show either could make the biggest contribution to delivering the additional housing required by The report makes clear further investigation is required before any decision can be reached on which to include in the draft Local Plan which must be evidence based if the….

It is very concerning to local residents that additional traffic would be encouraged to pass under the small railway bridge at Allbrook, which already suffers from significant flooding.

Inviting additional vehicles to Mortimers Lane would be similarly detrimental in that it can often take longer than 10 minutes to join Winchester Road,…. Those options would see more than 6, houses and a new major road being built in the area north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, also impacting on villages south of Winchester.

EBC meeting tomorrow — can you get there early? They will therefore — without doubt — generate huge additional traffic congestion for the whole area.

This is a community event that is vital to our future. If you do nothing, it will be too late. As readers know, this road would run from Mortimers Lane in the east towards the M3 in the west, squeezing under the Allbrook railway bridge along what is now the Highbridge Road. Although another EBC paper identifies p. The plan could well affect not only the residents of Eastleigh, but those in Winchester district as well. So it is a matter of great public concern the evidence base for the plan has still not been published, with many fundamental reports such as a proper assessment of the traffic implications still awaited.

An Eastleigh Borough Council EBC infrastructure report updating councillors on the viability of options for its Local Plan reveals a multitude of reasons why councillors will be swimming against the tide of evidence if they decide to pursue options B and C — in Allbrook, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak — at its crucial council meeting this Thursday.

Significantly, buried at the back of the report pp , is a new reason: Campaigners express concern over future of housing decisions in Hampshire after controversial intervention Posted on 10 December Daily Echo, 10 December Instead it outlined why the council should pursue preferable options near Allington Lane.

They will therefore — without doubt — generate huge…. Letter to Daily Echo: In particular, we believe it will decide in favour of its most destructive options, namely options B and C. If you have yet to do so, we thought this letter, published in the Daily Echo on 1 December , might spur you into action!

Residents and councillors get ready to fight plans for thousands of new homes in Colden Common Posted on 24 November Daily Echo, 24 November The meeting will be at 7. If you need a lift, let us know. We look forward to seeing you there! Over 1, people have…. This, they say, would not only assist with urban….

It was standing room only as around people packed into the community centre at Colden Common to hear an update on the Eastleigh development plan from representatives of Action Against Destructive Development ADD. Opening the meeting, Kate Beal Blyth of ADD said their campaign had the support of a wide range of organisations and individuals. She read a message from local MP Steve Brine, thanking the action group for its work and pledging his continued help.

John Lauwerys told the gathering that there were…. Whilst we gave you correct email addresses for all the relevant Eastleigh Borough Councillors, Winchester City Councillors, Hampshire County Councillors and MPs, we made a mistake regarding a physical address. Should you wish to send a letter rather than an email, please find all the correct details below.

Thank you again for all your support. Our campaign is gathering incredible momentum! Please write to your local councillors now! In particular, we believe it will decide in favour of its most destructive options for the plan, namely options B and C. As time is now ticking fast, we are urging everyone in Bishopstoke, Fair Oak, Upham, Owslebury, Allbrook, Colden Common, Twyford and Otterbourne to write to their local Borough Councillors to ask what they are doing on your behalf to prevent this planning and environmental catastrophe, either directly if you live in Eastleigh or by taking up the case with neighbouring politicians if you live within Winchester City Council.

Borough Councillors should know what their…. The Council has a duty to weigh policy objectives rationally and will do so over the coming weeks and months. ADD can best add value if it contributes in this…. The group have, from a standing start, put together an effective and coordinated campaign which is never easy. We are as one in wanting Eastleigh Borough Council to listen to your aims and objectives. Is anyone in favour of options B and C?

We have also heard strong criticism for these plans from the three affected MPs, as well as 20 organisations with a direct stake in the area. Lastly, we have also heard doubts about these plans from local borough councillors. New Public Meeting, 7. We are holding another public meeting at 7. This meeting follows similar recent public gatherings in Upham on 29 September and in Bishopstoke on 17 October , and is intended mainly for residents of Colden Common, Highbridge, Brambridge and Twyford.

At a Winchester Southern Parishes meeting on 24 October, House spoke about some of the representations his Council had received from organisations during the consultation period at the beginning of the year. ADD urges all elected officials to share their views with us on the Local Plan and commits to sharing all views equally on our website.

All three politicians want to see the council look towards solving traffic and infrastructure issues before committing to any solution. They also say the council, and its leader Keith House, are going against the wishes of residents and doing so without proper consultation.

This network would allow direct public transport for journeys to Eastleigh, Southampton and Portsmouth, and would link to the rail and air network for longer journeys. Councillors raise questions about Allbrook bridge, answers unclear Posted on 29 October As supporters of ADD are aware, if Eastleigh Borough Council proceed with options B and C for its Local Plan, it will build a new North Bishopstoke link road from Mortimers Lane in the east towards the M3 in the west, squeezing under the Allbrook railway bridge along the way.

With no plans to do anything about it, this bridge is one factor making a mockery of the viability of options B and C. Those most directly affected felt these options would be an intolerable strain on the surgeries and there is no easy way to increase premises to provide adequate medical services to the…. Gin Tidridge of ADD told the meeting: The proposals are set out in the Eastleigh development plan, published for consultation by the Council last December. Although ten options were….

This could double the current population of Fair Oak and Bishopstoke and will: Destroy much-loved, precious countryside. Destroy the unique identity of each of our communities. Contribute further to congestion and strain our infrastructure even further. If you value this area, please consider supporting us by: Signing our petition to get the critical Chickenhall Lane Link Road built as soon…. This is necessary to ensure the most sustainable and deliverable locations for proposed development are included and justified in the Plan.

The July Council Paper indicates that a…. There is a house in Bishopstoke where each neighbouring house has been empty for some time. In Eastleigh, the total number of empties has gone up from in to in October The number of long term empty properties has gone from to over the same period.

This may be only a percentage of the empty homes in the borough — if a home has furniture in it, it may be classified as a second home, not empty, even if nobody has lived there for years. Can this bridge cope with 30, more daily car journeys?

Police closed the road in both directions while recovery teams launched a mission to free the stranded truck. Developments are already underway building in these supposedly protected areas. The plan necessitates a 6. We will be holding a Village Meeting for Upham and Owlesbury residents only, due to capacity restrictions on the Eastleigh Local Plan at 7. This could result in 30, extra car journeys each day, creating dangerous traffic levels on our local lanes.

We believe that this development is neither deliverable nor sustainable but, if we do nothing, it will happen. Surge in interest means our campaign needs YOU! Our new website, and recent postings, have led to a massive surge in interest in our campaign to ensure Eastleigh Borough Council chooses the right Local Plan. We now urgently need more volunteers to staff our campaign and maintain this remarkable momentum. If you have experience in, or would like to turn your hand to helping us with, issues like digital media, PR, journalism, fundraising, research, planning, the law, leafleting or indeed anything you think we might need, please get in touch today.

Help us prevent this outrage now! If this road was built it would open up a number of more appropriate development options for the council. I wish to register my opposition to this massive new town, aka options B and C, set to blight our villages. Our new website launches today — hope you like it! Our aim is that it becomes a channel to reach and engage as wide a group of people as possible to get behind our campaign.

This will be followed by a full council meeting which we hope as many of you as possible will attend. As soon as we know the date, we shall let you know. And now a group of campaigners have launched a petition to make sure the Chickenhall Lane Link Road becomes a reality. I run a long-standing business based in Wessex House and own a property in the borough too. I have lived most of my life in Eastleigh. I did this because I truly believed in the good work the council did.

For years I have proudly told my friends across the country how progressive Eastleigh is — especially when it comes to the environment. We were first out of the gate with green wheelie bins and food composting. The council-owned building my company resides in is covered with solar panels.

But we need the result fast! Despite having received by far the largest number of objections to the initial proposals, our worst fears were confirmed last week when Eastleigh Borough Council EBC decided that options B and C would be carried forward for further investigation. They suggest that, after allowing for almost 10, dwellings that are already in the planning process, there will be another 6, required: Eastleigh claims not to be ruling….

Outrage as council ratifies steps towards thousands of new homes Posted on 22 July Daily Echo, 22 July JEERS rang out as council chiefs secured a crucial step towards finalising a controversial blueprint outlining the framework for thousands of new homes in Hampshire. The plan is currently in the early stages of development and sets out the policies to guide the future development of Eastleigh borough in the period up to It will be discussed by councillors tomorrow Thursday.

Eastleigh MP Mims said the scale of housing and commercial development required during this period and where it should be built must be enshrined in the local plan but it has to be valid.

I have been an architect for 40 years specialising in the design of new housing and schools. It then argues that B and C are the most likely be to deliverable. We think mainly because your leadership believes that the proposed North Bishopstoke bypass will solve traffic congestion. I am really pleased and heartened to see that so many individuals and organisations took the trouble to make a representation as part of the public consultation process.

It took EBC until June to meet its obligation to make those representations public. They are now available and it is really impressive to see high quality representations expressing major concerns with option B. Posted on 17 March If options B and C go ahead, this bridge — at Allbrook Lane — would be at the west end of the proposed North Bishopstoke link road. If you agree this bridge will cause huge traffic jams, we need your help to stop options B and C.

View Daily Echo article of 17 March below. These sites are also the furthest from Southampton, the railway and links to the M To that end, CPRE will be firmly objecting to options B and C, and will propose an alternative scenario to meet the requirements. Campaigners march against housing development Posted on 6 February Wave Campaigners will march through countryside near Eastleigh on Saturday morning to try to stop it from being built on.

It is one option being considered in the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan EBC says it needs more homes to meet demand.


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