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Doctoral Dissertation Help Helsinki University

PhD opportunities in Finland – what’s on offer for 2018?

❶He or she must be from a different division, clinic or research programme than the dissertation supervisor and the doctoral candidate.

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Browse or search theses. In this thesis, I investigate the construction of identities among young Muslims in Finland, with an emphasis on the interplay between religious and national identities. The key research questions are studied in the framework of the social psychology of religion and include: How do young Finnish Muslims negotiate belonging in various religious, national, ethnic, and other identity catego Although we live in a multisensory world, human memory has been traditionally studied concentrating on just one sensory modality, for example, either audition or vision.

Yet, some previous studies have shown better memory performance for audiovisual information than for unisensory information.

However, such studies are scarce and they have mainly focused on young adults. In the present s Many mathematical models of population dynamics are formulated as Volterra integral equations coupled with integro-differential equations. They can be interpreted as delay equations, where the value of a function, or its derivative, is prescribed in terms of the past values.

This is typically applicable to students involved in national doctoral programmes. As with any other member of staff you will receive a salary plus social security benefits. However, you will have to pay income tax.

In return for your salary you will typically be expected to assist at the university, whether this be teaching undergraduates, carrying out administrative work or demonstrating within the labs. It is best to check directly with the university what their terms of an employment contract are. Instead, most institutions now have a graduate school with multiple doctoral programmes. You will typically be applying directly to one of these programmes, in order to study for a PhD within it.

Entry requirements To be admitted onto a PhD programme in Finland you will be required to have a Masters degree or equivalent from a recognised institution. Other requirements will depend on the topic you are applying to research and the specific processes used by your university. If in doubt, check with your department. The language requirements for your PhD will vary depending upon whether you choose a programme taught in English or Finnish.

There is no national test score limit, these will be set depending upon your institution, check these directly on their admissions webpage. For courses taught in Finnish you are expected to have the required language skills before applying.

You should apply directly to your university for admission to one of its doctoral programmes. Once you have done this you can complete your application. The required documents will vary depending upon your discipline and institution, but most will need to see the following:. Application deadlines will vary: Therefore, you may have to complete an interview as part of the selection process. Interviews for international students will typically be conducted over a webchat facility such as Skype.

Your interview for a PhD in Finland will follow a fairly standard format apart from the fact in may take place online. Our guides give advice on what happens at a PhD interview and an overview of some questions you might be asked. Depending upon your nationality you may need a visa or residence permit to live in Finland whilst studying for your PhD.

If you are from the EU, EEA you will not need a visa to enter Finland and can remain in the country for up to 90 years without registering your presence. If you are from one of the other Nordic countries Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden the same applies, but you can remain up to six months before you need to register as a resident. Once these periods expire you will need to register your residence with the Finnish Immigration Service Migri.

In addition, as your stay will exceed a year you must also register at a local police staton. Students from other countries will a student residence permit to study in Finland.

This allows you to enter the country and remain there long enough to complete a PhD. You should begin the application process online and then take the following materials to your nearest Finnish embassy:. You can find more information on these requirements on the Migri website. The Finnish Government requires all students to have valid health insurance whilst studying in Finland. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a policy that meets the following conditions:.

After studying in a thriving country, with a developed higher education system designed to make you a skilled independent researcher, you will have a very strong CV for future work. For students from other countries there is a generous extension scheme to help you find work.

You can apply to extend your residence permit by one year whilst you seek work. You must do this whilst your original student residence permit is still valid. Your extension year will begin after your graduation. If you find work in this time you can apply for residence permit based on employment. Ready to start browsing some current PhD opportunities in Finland? Alternatively, you can look at our other guides to PhD study abroad. This article is the property of FindAPhD. Click here to search our database of PhDs.

Copyright All rights reserved. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. To read our privacy policy click here. PhDs Degrees by Country. Postgraduate scholarships available for Have you thought about studying for your PhD abroad? Any dedications should be written on a separate card or sheet of paper and submitted with the dissertation proper.

A total of 20 copies of the dissertation must be printed, regardless of whether the doctoral candidate intends to also publish the dissertation online using the E-thesis service. For compelling reasons e.

In this case, the doctoral candidate will not be eligible for a University grant to cover the printing costs. To qualify for the grant, the dissertation must be printed at a printing house chosen by the University.

Further information can be found on Flamma. The National Library of Finland 7 copies Address: Helsinki University Library 1 copy Address: As per Faculty instructions, the remaining 11 printed copies of the dissertations must be distributed as follows: The doctoral candidate must provide any extra copies for distribution at the public examination.

The statement must include an assessment of the scientific merits of the dissertation, of the fulfilment of its purpose, and of the performance of the doctoral candidate at the public examination. Grounds must always be given for a decision to fail a dissertation. The Faculty Council will decide on the approval of the dissertation and on the grade awarded. The Faculty applies a two-tier grading scale: Pass and Pass with Distinction.

The latter grade is given only to dissertations of an exceptionally high standard and cannot be granted to more than ten per cent of dissertations approved by the Faculty. The opponent will submit a proposal for the grade to the Faculty. The preliminary examiners are also requested to submit with their statements a well-reasoned proposal for the grade. A doctoral dissertation must consist of peer-reviewed scholarly publications or manuscripts accepted for publication, as well as a summarising report on the said documents an article-based dissertation ; or it must be a scholarly work in the name of the doctoral candidate alone and based on previously unpublished research results a monograph.

All doctoral dissertations should meet the following scholarly criteria: The supervisor and the doctoral candidate must limit the topic and content of the dissertation in such a way that the degree can be completed in four years of full-time study.

The doctoral dissertation must have a brief abstract of one to two pages, providing a summary of the dissertation and its key results. Instructions for opponents and preliminary examiners.

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All doctoral dissertations completed at the University of Helsinki are to be published in the University’s open digital archive, i.e., the E-thesis service. For compelling reasons (e.g., if the dissertation contains unpublished articles) the doctoral candidate may refrain from publishing the dissertation using E-thesis.

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Doctoral education at the University of Helsinki is organized in 32 different doctoral programmes, working under four doctoral schools. The boundaries between the programmes are flexible, and you can usually also take courses offered by other doctoral . University of Helsinki doctoral dissertation form and publishing an electronic dissertation in E-thesis University of Helsinki doctoral dissertation form Doctoral candidates should fill in the electronic doctoral dissertation form three weeks before the public examination of the dissertation at the latest.

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Helsinki University of Technology Institute of Strategy and International Business Doctoral Dissertations / 2 Espoo CONTRACTUAL AND RELATIONAL GOVERNANCE IN FAMILY FIRMS: EFFECTS ON STRATEGIC DECISION-MAKING QUALITY AND FIRM PERFORMANCE. Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology to be presented with due permission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for public examination and debate in Auditorium K at Helsinki University of Technology (Espoo, Finland) on the 12th of August, , at 12 noon.