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❶Community Service provides ideas which work well for people who have court mandated community service and also students who need to complete community service hours for school requirements.

Community Service Program

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We are a registered c 3 organization, with wide acceptance throughout the United States and Canada. Up to 10 Hours of Community Service. Up to 25 Hours of Community Service.

Up to 50 Hours of Community Service. Up to 75 Hours of Community Service. Up to Hours of Community Service. In , he started his own licensed adoption agency to reduce the financial burden placed upon adoptive parents, and to accept clients of all religious faiths.

For exceptional work, we can give 10 hours of community service credits. I have got to say this was a lot of work! I was so grateful when I found this site and my p. I saved a lot of money in gas and saved my absence from my kids.

It was very straightforward to complete my court ordered hours. The court accepted the letter without an issue. Will recommend this service in a heart-beat.

I participated in the online research student which actually turned out to be very interesting. Earned 8 hours from it and then the remaining by writing volunteering stories.

I enjoyed doing that too. I am so glad I found out about this service. Also, my parole officer had a few questions which CommunityService. These ideas allow individuals to complete their community service quickly and easily.

Community Service provides ideas which work well for people who have court mandated community service and also students who need to complete community service hours for school requirements. Our projects and our community service programs are designed for individuals who need to be involved in their community most.

Community involvement is a necessarry part of community service and hopefully the resources we provide for community service will benefit you, the community and everyone involved. Amber Sez; I discovered Community Service when my juvenile daughter got caught shoplifting and I got community service hours. I signed up for their community service program and quickly got my community service hours done! At first I was suspicious, but Community Service quickly turned me into a believer.

Their program offers a fast way of doing your community service and I had a community service specialist to answer all my questions.

Mike Sez; Why the hell would I pay to find community service places. I can find community service on my own. Called the first place on the list and got hired. Community service on the beach. Andre Sez; Judges in Cook county Suck. SWAP, community service, fines. I got screwed all the way around. Got me off the chain gang and it was hellu cheaper than a lawyer. Crystal Sez; I got my Community Service hours done. Thanks Community Service for getting me into a program and getting all my papers straightened out with probation.

As a general rule most work that is supervised by a non-profit organization and provides a service to the general public or community will be accepted as community service.

Community Service Online

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Welcome to Logan Social Services! We are the online solution to your community service needs. Whether for court, probation or school, you will save time, gas and money.

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Our Guarantee At Logan Social Services, our goal is to help improve your quality of life through education, and to assist you in meeting your court and probation requirements. Our engaging course material has made us the new industry standard in online community service providers.

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Community Service Online. Want to do your community service hours online? We can help! Before we get started, lets go over a few things important to you. Can I do court ordered community service online as long as its from a c3? I was court ordered to take an anti-theft class and complete 40 hours of community service. I was told by the public.

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Often in the case of drunk driving and other similar offenses, community service can be a common form of punishment. Perhaps a lawyer has used this type of services as a means of reducing or replacing a potential jail sentence, penalties, or fines. The Diversified Intervention Group’s Board of Directors started this % Online Community Service Program over a year ago and we have received excellent reviews from Attorneys, Moms and Dads of High School young adults and just regular people in general. Start today getting you hours done today.