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Serco Inc. - ACAP Transition Counselor Resume Example

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❶The Wizard allows you to rearrange content and modify formats to create additional versions of your resume. Fri Sep 14,

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For the contacts you can establish through researching the internet. Businesses not supported by national franchises do not have a high success rate over the long haul.

Have a backup plan in that event. Remember, you are not always eligible for ACAP services. Research information about similar businesses, information about hiring, interviewing, and advertising your job vacancies when your business grows!

Leaders take care of soldiers. The final transition from Army service is no exception and I encourage early soldier participation in ACAP; a minimum of days prior to transition! The benefits to the Army and unit morale, cohesion, and camaraderie are great when soldiers know their leaders support a final transition decision that has fully explored all options, including an Army career decision.

Early attendance also gives soldiers more time to "pace" themselves through the ACAP process, enabling more time to be devoted to meet mission requirements at critical points. In Return Soldiers Owe Leadership: It is now tailored to meet this critical factor.

The Army of Today benefits through positive, supportive alumni who tell the Army story to sons, daughters, other family, and friends. Department of Labor Workshop: The instructor spent 30 minutes discussing which days of the newspaper to subscribe to so that you would get the newly posted classified ads containing employment.

He also wanted us to spend a full hour walking around and talking about ourselves to the others in the class, something my dad used to have me do in church when I was about I left after the 2nd day and we never did get into anything that resembled a resume. Good thing I already had a completed resume when I showed up. Speaking of that, it was a requirement to submit my resume to my assigned counselor, a something military dependent with a Masters Degree.

This was the second time I had done this; the first time I received no response. Individual Transition Plan Review: This is a one-on-one review of your transition plan with one of the young counselors. You must declare that you are seeking employment, going back to school, or planning to start your own business. The result was that I had to go find a Captain any Captain half my age to sign my packet before I could clear and sign out of the Army. However, in this case, the TAP staff chose to treat accomplished CSM as if I were one of the first-term, junior enlisted Soldiers that the program is really designed for.

Transition assistance is important for service members who are ending their service and I think the Army has really missed the mark. Making TAP mandatory is evidence of that.

The absence of career professional Soldiers serving as mentors to transitioning service members is another strike as the counselors I interacted with were very young and had never experienced the process themselves. There are many organizations that are actively helping service members make the critical decisions in their transition.

Posted in these groups: As a retired Armor officer, MOS crosswalk is a waste of time. Be nice if the program focus on the basics: And all that can be done in days. MAJ Join to see. I sat in some of it, because I had some free time right after deployment While they do let you identify whether you are going trades, college, or entrepenuer I need help with resume, not budget.

I would like another eggroll, no more wonton soup!! Posted 3 y ago. It is not designed for anyone retiring. I would split the program, one for anyone that has not served beyond the 10 year mark, and one program for anyone retiring.

Tailor them to meet the needs of the target audience, not just a blanket solution for everyone. Here is the link: Sign Up with Facebook. Sign Up with Google. Sign Up with Email. Already have an account?

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This Resume/Cover Letter Application will provide two options for you to create an effective resume and cover letter: The Resume Wizard. This product is a step-by-step guide through each element of your resume and cover letter.

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The resume writing class is one of several monthly TAP classes designed to help military personnel gracefully transition into the civilian sector. For more information, call RELATED.

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Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) To deliver a World Class Transition Program • Up to days after retirement or departure from Federal Service Note: Commanders immediately refer Unprogrammed Losses to ACAP prior -Begin Resume development ACAP Training IAW ITP (Counselor + Soldier) VA Benefits Brief &. Looking to find a job at ACAP? Find s of ACAP Resumes to get you started.

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Mission of The mission of is to assist a job seeker with how to write a resume, distributing a resume, tips for interviewing, and numerous tools to get the perfect job. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. WIESBADEN, Germany - The military offers service members various benefits while serving. One of those is helping them transition to civilian life when their time in uniform nears an end.